Behind The Logo
jason CHANG - the logo - was largely inspired by passion that took on a two-pronged approach. 
The play with font for "jason" was meant to symbolize creativity and the intelligence behind my work. I think we can easily say that we have a lot of "heart" and drive for plenty of things, but if one doesn't put that into motion, it becomes problematic. That's where the creativity and intelligence comes in, where it enables that eureka with workable solutions.
If you would have noticed, I did not put my "J" in capital. Ask most people and you will know how relaxed I am, ensuring that I can relate to all and bring about a demeanour that is light-hearted and comfortable for others to speak to me. 
What about the "CHANG" then?
Passion. All out passion. There's a lot of fire within me. When committed to a particular task, I always want to see it through, ensuring the experience is worthwhile and the results desired. 
Passion also gets me out of difficulty. The bold nature of the word was meant to convey the act of standing tall and strong, especially in light of difficult moments. Often its not the fancy results that are important, but the act of overcoming hardship, the summoning of spirit to rally those around are all part of what I believe myself to be. It's fine having moments when one is down and out, but that comeback is a sign of resilience and fight, which my passion shines me through.
Together, the logo attempts to convey a very lighthearted, vibrant nature with its clever play on creativity, but also showcasing an individual full of passion that is strong, immersive and contagious.
And that is one jason CHANG.

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