Behind The Slogan
Passion. Redefined.
I wanted a word where people would instantly pair the word up with me. Immediately, the word "passion" cropped up. It was easy. But I also knew I stood for something else - being a global citizen. I'm proud of thriving on differences and uniting with others henceforth, the slogan was all about trying to fuse these two elements together.
In addition, passion is often overused in so many professional cover letters. It's all good saying, you are "passionate for this person" or you are "passionate for this job" but I wanted to demonstrate that it was more than just having that drive and energy inside you. It was a lot about having that mental muscle too.
Hence, Jason Chang, the brand, is all about redefining passion. Passion, with its drive, power, energy and infectious ability for others, is redefined to make it smarter, more sophisticated and decisive.
Passion is thus truly, redefined.
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