New startup name - Narraty!
After many ideations and speaking to coaches all around, we took the leap of faith and changed our name from Quick Museum to Narraty! Better late than never. 
With COVID-19 temporarily stalling our plans to have a physical infrastructure, we really want to continue our mission in Diversity and Inclusion, thereby we thought, post-COVID or not, our organization has to be so resistant to risk, that it places people at the heart of its work, safeguarding jobs and wellbeing.
We thereby created Narraty.
We are a digital platform focusing on diversity and inclusion, where we film behind-the-scenes clips of entrepreneurs going about their lives at work. Using interviews we conduct with them at the end of a day's of filming, we record and measure their levels of inclusion in the cities they work in, thereby constructing a nationwide mapping to understand Diversity and Inclusion much clearer for entrepreneurs.

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