Project Leader, Global Exe, Exeter

Global Exe is an interactive theatre production that addresses conflict resolution.
Founded in 2014 over a table whilst snacking on some popcorn, Global Exe was formed and has delivered annual Forum Theatre performances to the Exeter community and its university.
Over four years Global Exe has had more than 30 participants from five different continents supporting its theatre productions, from the University of Exeter to members of staff and public.
There are two parts to the performance - 
1. The first part finishes with a problem needing to be resolved (e.g. racism/sexism etc.). 
2. The second commences where audience members get to go on stage, replacing individual performers to try and find realistic solutions to solve the problem.
At Global Exe, in addition to the creative input, I led the overall project management, including building a learning and development program and a monitoring mechanism to understand its impact. 

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