Startup Business Owner, Narraty
Diversity and Inclusion has meant a lot to me throughout my life. I believe we are more powerful by seeing difference as fundamental towards our successes together. That drove me to creating Narraty, a digital platform focusing on diversity and inclusion. We film entrepreneurs behind-the-scenes in their lives, and using an interview at the end I developed a nationwide framework to monitor inclusion levels of these entrepreneurs in their cities of work. 
- Leading strategy and business modelling of organization, achieving social impact aims whilst being financially sustainable
- Build and develop diversity and inclusion framework, collecting and interpreting the data used and analyzing its findings
- Manage innovations, designing matrixes used to evaluate each feasibility for the cultural market
- Develop and evaluate financial models, ensuring organization can sustainably grow whilst supporting its staff in their work
- Support team in all areas of work, motivating in times of need and closely earmarking their success and celebrating them

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