Welcome to the official launch of Jason Chang's portfolio website!
After more than 4 months of development (including working alongside a full-time job), I am proud to announce my very own brand identity and website! From this moment on, the website will form the core of my online identity. This new ecosystem will allow users a one-stop-shop to view the latest news in my professional life, the projects I am involved in and the ability to reach out to me for collaboration. 
A huge and unbelievable amount of thanks has to go out to the following, you know who you are - 
J*** - For being incredibly nice and enjoying this website a tat bit too much
T****** - The most professional and blunt critique. For demanding nothing but more from my abilities. And those hours you put in
H*** - Putting me in my spot, tearing what I thought of myself apart and pumping my believe up in making this happen
L** - Graphic design. What could I do without you being so selfless
J******* - Food. Keeping me going when my energy was running out for this
D***** - Your optimism and innovation kept my ideas pouring in
And finally,
S*** - Drilling every detail down to its minute bits. You brought my intellect to another level I have never experienced before. You pushed me to defend my work and champion it in a manner I never knew I was capable of. And this came together

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